You can find trusted information on a wide range of drug related topics on Talk to Frank. Below you will find some frequently asked questions, each link will take you to the relevant page on ‘Talk to Frank’. You will also find contact details below for DELTA, young people’s Drug and Alcohol Service which provides information, advice and support to young people who are using drugs and/or alcohol in North Lincolnshire.

What are the different types of drugs?

There are many different types of drugs with new ones being created constantly. Want to know more? check out Talk to Franks Drugs A-Z for up to date, accurate information.

What are the effects of drugs?

All drugs have different effects, from causing pain relief and relaxation to hallucinations, paranoia and lasting mental health issues. The effects of drugs are can be unpredictable.

Worried about a friend?

Worried about a friend and drugs, there are some things you can do to help. By reading the information linked to in the previous sections you should have an idea of what drugs are and how they can effect you. The link above will take you to some specific information about how you can help a friend.

What can I do if I feel under pressure to take drugs?

It’s easy for someone to say ‘Just say No’, but when you are being egged on and encouraged by those around you it can be hard to say no. Click the link to get advice on how to handle that pressure.

Legal highs – changes to the law.

The law has changed on legal highs make sure you know the facts here.

What to do in an emergency?

No one can know for certain how drugs will affect them, even if it is not their first time, there is always a risk. If someone is having a bad time on drugs they may be:

  • anxious
  • tense
  • panicky
  • overheated and dehydrated
  • drowsy
  • having difficulty with breathing

To get advice on what to do in these situations check out Talk to Franks Emergency help.

If you’re really worried about someone who has taken drugs, or if they fall unconscious, or are having difficulty breathing then call 999 and ask for an ambulance immediately. It might save a life and you won’t get into trouble.

What services are available in North Lincolnshire?

DELTA young people’s Drug and Alcohol Service provides information, advice and support to young people who are using drugs and/or alcohol. DELTA will not tell you what to do. However we will make sure you are fully aware of the risks and dangers of drug and alcohol use, and encourage you to keep safe. The service can help you to cut down or stop using drugs. You can if you wish self-refer in to our service, though depending on your age we may need permission for your parent carer.

Telephone: 01724 298528
Address: 22-24 Cole Street
DN15 6QS